United, experienced working team

Our people, specialized by sector and technical area, are the market’s best human capital and an essential part of our value chain.

  • José Núñez-Gómez Palacio Plant
  • Alberto Rafael Castro-Sustainability Department
  • Elvira Calderón-Gómez Palacio Plant
  • Daniel Dávila-Tamós Plant
  • Mónica Hernández-Monterrey Corporate
  • Marlen Salgado-Columbia Unit
  • Anateresa Troncoso-Monterrey Corporate
  • Joseline Sierra-Monterrey Office
  • The most exciting part of my work is the art of making ferroalloys, where you appreciate the great capacity we have to transform raw materials and turn them into indispensable elements for our country.

  • It is very gratifying to meet professional people within the company. Our team everyday demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development, which is an important challenge for all organizations nowadays.

  • My best experience at Autlán has been to get to know co-workers who over time have become sincere and lasting friends.

  • Throughout my time here, I have absorbed the culture of the company. I enjoy spending time with my colleagues and like the teamwork that has always been an intrinsic part of the organization.

  • I really appreciate being with my colleagues and the opportunity to meet so many people. I love being able to help them and know that they appreciate me; I really value that.

  • My best experience has been the professional development I have achieved from my daily learning, technological innovation and being surrounded by the best people.

  • I like the atmosphere of camaraderie within the company, where I have had the opportunity to work with excellent professionals. The commitment and teamwork that exists in Autlán makes it a great organization, of which I am proud to belong.

  • It makes me very happy to work in Autlán. The work environment is very good, this motivates me a lot. I also like that we have the opportunity to propose ideas that improve processes and enhance productivity.