Autlán is

A 100% Mexican, sustainable company that seeks to boost the resources of tomorrow.

Sustainable Development

Autlán is committed to generating value in our Autlán Manganese, Autlán Energy,  Autlán EMD and Autlán Metallorum Operating Units; complying with applicable legislation; satisfying our customers’ needs; ensuring the physical integrity of our employees; contributing to the development of our neighboring communities and assuring sustainable operations; and continuously improving our quality and environmental management systems.


Autlán operates with diverse certifications that underpin our commitment to the environment and to quality.

Quality Management System
Since 1997
Environmental Management System
Since 1999
Socially Responsible Enterprise
Since 2010
Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures
Nonoalco unit, since 2011
Clean Industry
Teziutlán Ferroalloys Plant, Since 2015
Tamós Plant, Since 2017
Atexcaco Hydroelectric Plant, since 2022
Occupational health and safety management systems

Performance parameters

Autlán’s vision of shared value goes beyond compliance with the law because, through innovation, we continuously seek new alternatives to contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

Across our entire production chain, we measure our use of natural resources and promote efficiency in their consumption, as well as implementing continuous actions to improve our environmental performance index.

Autlán considers it of paramount importance to invest in the conservation of our ecosystems. To this end, we have created and maintain nurseries that have made us proactive in reforestation activities.

Reforestation (Trees planted / donated)













reforested trees in the region of native species such as oaks, pines, liquidambar, among others.

We are responsible in the consumption of water resources and have implemented different operational controls to increase the volume of the water we reuse.

Autlán’s units and plants are implementing strategies to reduce water extraction and improve recirculation processes.

Water consumption (thousands of cubic meters)
Mining Division338381.39459.59475.16421.92382.6
Ferroalloys Division665561.1501.11590.06616.51628.7
Metallorum Division587480.68390.51221.0238.041.261
Autlán EMD76.7371.1263.8663.9354.1142.8
Autlán Total1,6671,4941,4151,3501,1301,014.7

Regarding Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, energy efficiency improvements were implemented to consume less fuel and electrical energy within our operation, resulting in a total of 1,051,164.57 KTCO2eq. emitted during 2023, under the following GHG emissions efficiency indicators.

Efficiency in GHG emissions (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent [tCO2eq./t] / ton produced)
Autlán Manganese (Mining) 0.400.370.330.380.250.35
Autlán Manganese (Ferro-alloys)2.443.
Autlán Metallorum*0.380.430.540.980.620.91

*Units in gold equivalent ounces

Thanks to the Atexcaco Hydroelectric Plant’s use of the potential energy of water in its 100% renewable energy production, 122 thousand tons of CO2 were not emitted into the atmosphere .

Additionally, the two operating divisions posted savings of 9% in gasoline consumption and the Manganese Division achieved a 15% improvement in energy efficiency.

The following table shows all fuel and electric energy consumption, highlighting the energy efficiency of our operations.

Efficiency in GHG emissions (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent [tCO2eq./t] / ton produced)
Autlán Manganese (Mining)0.510.480.41 0.400.37
Autlán Manganese (Ferro-alloys)2.762.342.402.443.15
Autlán Metallorum*0.380.43

*Units in gold equivalent ounces

Thanks to the Atexcaco Hydroelectric Power Plant, 74,373.36* tons of CO2 were stopped by taking advantage of the potential energy of water, being 100% renewable.

Energy Efficiency (Giga Joules / tonne produced [GJ/t]/ ounces produced)
Autlán Manganese (Mining)2.322.111.932.290.810.77
Autlán Manganese (Ferro-alloys)10.8110.389.9517.3314.7413.81
Autlán Metallorum5.775.136.1910.243.676.12
Autlán EMD (Ratio GJ/tn EMD)2,285.72,004.62,204.22,192.72,2689.30

*Units in gold equivalent ounces

*Figures based on 2021´s electric factor (tCO2e/MWh)