We are a committed company

We act ethically and respect the planet’s natural resources, our environment and the communities in which we operate. The company has an outstanding track record in the production and marketing of various kinds of manganese minerals and ferroalloys, and is a unique operator in the industry in Mexico. Additionally, Autlán has ventured into electricity generation and the mining of precious metals.


To generate value for our shareholders, employees and customers

Our mission is to generate value for our shareholders, employees and customers in a responsible way, by being the best option for the use of natural resources in the ferroalloy, manganese and precious metals mining sectors, as well as energy generation.


To be the company with the best value offer

Our vision is to be the company with the best value offer that foresees and responds to the different market forces and demands, displaying operational excellence, robustness and the proper use of natural resources, and growing continuously thanks to our search for new opportunities to leverage synergies with other sectors that drive Mexico’s economic development and the common good of society.


We use our experience to promote Mexico’s socioeconomic development through the company’s growth. To this end, we have promoted a versatile and creative value proposition, built on a guarantee of total safety and security across our operations. All Autlán’s activities are based on our great sense of responsibility towards our neighboring communities and carried out in harmony with the environment, in order to make us worthy representatives of Mexico in markets at home and abroad.

In the area of safety and security, Autlán implements operational initiatives that fully safeguard all its employees and at the same time guarantee certainty for investors and customers.
Developing the communities where the company operates is a priority, since Autlán believes that, when its neighborhoods progress, the company will invariably do the same, under the premise that if a community grows, by default an organization there will do so too.
Autlán is a 100% Mexican company, an important player in the domestic sectors where it has operations. We also proudly represent Mexico in the international marketplace.
We are a company with 70 years of experience in an industry characterized by constant change across domestic and international markets.
We are a company that is not only dedicated to mining, but also has the ability to find and exploit new market niches, expanding its presence into different economic sectors.
Since the founding of Autlán, we have shown our capacity to resolve any problem or adverse situation, and also to take advantage of the different opportunities that the sector and the economy have generated, using different ways and approaches to achieve the success that we boast today.
Our efficient growth has enabled our expansion into other economic sectors, always with the promise of providing the best value proposition in the market.