Operating excellence


  • We use geology to generate the solid foundations of tomorrow.

Social license and operations that are sustainable in the long term.

  • Social wellbeing – communities and the environment.
  • Culture of hard work and continuous improvement – competitive value.
  • Optimization of mineral resources – geology and good use of natural resources.

Processes with technology and innovation

  • Flexible, efficient operations which enable the use of cutting-edge tools, the implementation of optimal processes and the adjustment of production to demand.

Cost reduction

  • The Atexcaco hydroelectric plant assures we operate with lower costs and are more competitive.

Organic growth

Expansions and adjacencies

We will continue to focus on innovative renewable energy initiatives, develop new projects involving manganese and precious metals, and seek opportunities in other sectors.

Increase in production capacity

Our goal is to enhance Autlán Metallorum’s gold production by 15%.

Efficient operations

We will drive the organic growth of the capacity of our mining operations and production of manganese ferroalloy, an indispensible component in steel manufacture.

Growth through acquisitions

This is just another way of expanding into profitable sectors, contributing to our objective of promoting new opportunities for growth and combining operational synergies.

Combining successful operational synergies

Replicating the success of our 65 years as a Mexican company, with further innovation and a true entrepreneurial spirit.

Portfolio diversification

Acquisition is not an isolated opportunity; it is a strategy that allows us to reinforce our offer to satisfy different market forces.

Solid growth vision

Track record of success: to be one of the world’s lowest cost producers.