AUTLÁN -a word of Náhuatl origin- means ‘place where the water runs’ and it communicates our essence, emphasizing the proximity we have with our groups of interest

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Autlán is, and will continue to be, committed to the sustainable development of its neighboring communities.
Caring for the environment is a key aspect of our social responsibility strategy.
We are fully committed to partnering with our communities to create prosperity in the context of a habitable, sustainable planet.
We have set up this new communication channel to enable the public to follow up on all the company’s activities, resolve doubts and receive effective, transparent answers.

Investor relations

Our commitment to the financial community extends beyond simple transparency, so we disclose Autlán’s operational and financial activities quickly and effectively.

We have the best talent

Our people, specialized by sector and technical area, are the market’s best human capital and an essential part of our value chain.