Sustainable Development

Our focus on sustainability is based on the corporate values that determine our actions and guide our commitment. This ensures that we behave responsibly across our sphere of influence: towards our people, the environment, our communities and all other stakeholders.

We have developed a social responsibility program that emphasizes four different areas:

  • The environment
  • Our communities
  • Quality of life
  • Corporate ethics

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. We know it is a good investment and demonstrate this with each and every sustainable action we implement.

The Environment

Clean operations

Caring for the environment is a key factor of our social responsibility strategy. On an ongoing basis, we implement initiatives to save water and energy, promote renewable sources and reduce atmospheric emissions and waste

2014 initiatives

We achieved Clean Industry Certification from the Mexican Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) for our Teziutlán operating unit, thereby assuring the community that our company is committed to the environment. In addition, we began the process for obtaining the same distinction for our Gómez Palacio plant.


During the year, our Mining Division took 314 water samples at 13 reference points across different bodies of water to measure the impact of our operations and take any steps necessary to assure water quality, exceeding Mexican legal requirements.

Our Ferro-alloys Division introduced a program to save water in the bathrooms, renewing sanitaryware and upgrading plumbing in order to meet the objectives we had set for reducing water consumption.

Our 2014 objective for reducing water consumption per ton of product was 5%. We surpassed this goal, not only reducing the intensive consumption indicator (per ton of product), but also the global consumption indicator.

Global water consumption indicator (m3)


The goal was to reduce the intensive indicator by 5%, which both divisions exceeded.

Intensive water consumption indicator (m3) / ton produced)


In 2014, we reused 125,613 cubic meters of water from our treatment plants in our processes, 15% more than in 2013.



The electricity consumption per ton of product indicator also improved, declining from 1.23 MWh / per ton of product in 2013 to 1.18 MWh / ton of product in 2014, which represents a 4% year-over-year increase in efficiency.

The Atexcaco Hydroelectric Plant produced 25% of the energy we consumed during the year, guaranteeing clean energy and reducing any negative effects on the climate. Our use of the Atexcaco facility meant a reduction in the production of CO2 equivalent to the emissions of 22,818 cars in service for an entire year.

CO2 emissions (tons of CO2)

Global (tons of CO2)996,779 1,005,342
Intensive (tons of CO2 / ton of product)1.2739 1.1958

The global emissions of CO2 increased marginally because of increased production; however, the indicator per ton of product, which measures efficiency, improved by 6%.


Our 2014 capital expenditure program included a special budget to enhance our Mining Division’s reforestation campaigns. We planted a record number of trees and plants during the year: 34,611 trees and 5,000 grass plants, 200% more than in 2013, and were able to reforest 18 hectares of land belonging to our three mining units. We continue to monitor the plantations and grassed areas in order to ensure that they survive.


Because of the initiatives we have implemented at each plant to reduce their impact, both of our divisions posted improved environmental performance in 2014.

DIVISION% improvement in environmental performance

Our Communities

We firmly believe that we must partner with our local communities to create prosperity in the context of a habitable and sustainable planet.

We have established mechanisms to help us interact with our neighboring communities and keep them informed, as well as concrete procedures to collect any complaints they may have and resolve any controversies. We are continuously working to enhance the trust and transparency of these relations.

The basic pillars on which we have decided to focus our community development programs to achieve sustainable communities are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education, nutrition and health
  • Children’s and young adults’ brigades
  • Infrastructure
  • Communication

Quality of Life

The success of any company is largely dependent on its people. The strategic initiatives that Compañía Autlán has implemented demand that all areas of the company be staffed by committed, capable people who can make a significant contribution.

We have moved forward with our program of “High-Performance Teams” which organizes workers in groups to manage indicators and operate in what we call their “Basic Unit of Performance”. We have operators working under this program both in the Ferro-alloys Division and in Mining, in an environment of labor satisfaction and with union support. At the same time, different areas are implementing improvement projects to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and improve health and safety, our environmental performance and job satisfaction.

We have made a systematic effort to make our organization more agile and effective, with more clearly defined challenges and roles. We have focused on identifying key competencies and knowledge, attracting and retaining talent, and formalizing our methods of evaluation and development. This has been a significant challenge, given the diversity of the geographical locations, professional backgrounds and working conditions across our operations. We are seeking to leverage this diversity, combination of experiences and drive to ensure that all our people are actively focused on achieving the goals we have set as an organization.

Corporate Ethics

The company has a corporate social responsibility program that assures and promotes the values that distinguish our actions. The program includes the Company Ideology, Code of Ethics, Policies and Autlán Culture.

* See Corporate Social Responsibility