Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsability

Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility is a set of principles and values created by Autlán in order to improve the quality of life of its workforce as well as to build sustainable livelihoods, by respecting and promoting the development of our environment.
Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility provides ethical principles that guide, recognize, reinforce and reward the right behavior of the entire company every day.

That is why Autlán has among its priorities the implementation of certain principles and values for the common good of our society as long as they are in line with the present circumstances. Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility expresses itself through a variety of sustainable acts and moral rules seeking for harmony between all the people involved in our life.


ideario It is the arrangement of ideas that define the manner of thinking of Minera Autlán. It introduces the importance of the values to our staff and our right attitude toward society.

Code of Ethics

codigo-etica It is a repertory of universal moral and ethical values that help Autlán´s peope in daily life.