Energy Division

Autlán’s energy Division is basically formed by the Compañía de Energía Mexicana (Mexican Energy Company, CEM by its acronym in Spanish). This company developed and currently operates Atexcaco’s Hydroelectric Station in Puebla. Its main goal is to generate renewable energy in order to meet Autlan’s consumption needs.

Atexcaco’s Hydroelectric Station is located between Hueyapan and Teziutlán municipalities in the state of Puebla.

It is in this area that the ideal region for the development of the project was identified. This was due to the good topographical conditions and abundant rain. These allow the transformation of the water’s natural force, thus increasing its effect through engineering. Therefore it is possible to obtain 34 megawatts of electrical power that is sent to our electric substation, where such electricity is transformed into 115 kilo volts of useful power that is delivered to the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (Federal Commission of Electricity, CFE by its acronym in Spanish).

Atexcaco’s Hydroelectric Station is a project we are proud of because it is a symbol of sustainable energy, state-of-the-art technology, care and protection of the environment, as well as a driver of regional development through the generation of employment.

Autlán complemented its integration through the acquisition of CEM as it now has its two main resources: manganese and electricity. This strengthens Autlán’s structure by incorporating the production of energy in order to become one of the least expensive ferro-alloys producers in the world. Additionally, greater growth will be achieved by the integration of this new division as the entrance into the energetic sector represents another step to reach profitability and growth goals due to the fact that it increases the company’s capacity of flow generation.

Autlán, through CEM, now joins the efforts to care for the environment and to reduce global warming by means of generating 100% renewable energy.



Autlán’s Energy Division is currently operating and developing:


Atexcaco’s Hydroelectric Station


Other Projects